New steps

At Architechnologists we have had quite a busy year, we haven’t made many post as we have still been trying to find our feet as a small independent business.

As a small business it is important to keep trying new things to find what we can offer that you (our customers) want the most. With this idea in our minds, we have been searching down different avenues and trying different strategies to try to progress the business.

We’ve had support from other small business’s, family and friends, and organisations like The Prince’s Trust all to try to find the best service we can offer.

With this, we are excited to tease that here at Architechnologists we have a few new directions we are looking to explore in the new year and we are currently taking steps to get our ideas off the ground and to the next level. 

We will be making some changes to our services in early 2019 and we will be keeping you posted as to where we are headed once more things are in place.

We hope you’ve had an exciting year, and hope you’ll have a great new year!

Granny Annex – Summer project

Over the past few months we have been trying to make a name for ourselves, during the process of doing this we have managed to secure a few up coming projects.

The project I am most excited about is a Granny annex design project located in a village in Devon. This project looks at an old cottage that has a mix of history within its walls. The clients are looking at turning an adjoining building to their home into two flats for their family.

The (to be) granny annex has had many different lives in the past as a stable for a pub and later in life a workshop. It has a very small footprint and is an interesting shape, for this reason it’s going to be a passion project for me. I really want to be able to make the most out of this project for me and the client.

We will keep you posted with progress and pictures of the project once it starts, which will be later this year during the summer.

New Advert in Cardiff Life

We’re excited to show off our first advert for print. This copy has been printed as a quarter page ad in issue 182 which is distributed in March around the Cardiff area. This was a test run using Media clash to see how much attention this could bring, we have hopes to upgrading to half-page or full-page depending on the response to this copy.


Over the past week I have been working on a design for a plot of land down in the North of Cornwall. I have been updating a post on the project page for further details. In short, the project is a simple 4 bedroom family house using the most of the land available.

Whilst doing this project I was happy to see I was able to come up with something different to initial plans. I had been thinking about this project for a while and had been stuck on one idea that didn’t make the most of what was available.

I contacted manufacturers and was able to price the project up approximately. However, unfortunately due to budget restraints the project is not likely to progress for a couple of years. Maybe 2020 there’ll be an update.

There are a few changes that could be made, as with a lot of projects, this can develop in time. Dependant on the clients wishes closer to the build the bedroom number may decline.

This has given me a lot of confidence with projects moving forward, as my skills and contacts are ever-growing.

New year new website

I am happy to have (in my view) finalised the first version of the new website!

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what you may want to see and I hope I have managed to do it all.
I welcome any constructive criticism as after all YOU are the one using this website.

I will be starting on some project rather soon so will begin posting up dates to them and begin filling out the project portfolio. I am looking forward to this new adventure!